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Thibaut GIBANDCertified Fly Casting Instructor

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  • Adresse : Illkirch, France

My fly casting CV

Certified French Casting Technique Instructor - FFPML – France

Also (few) known as "Linear casting technique" we use the rod a different way. Learn to play with the action point of your rod to create tight dynamic loops. A technique of its own, where the arm moves in line rather than in rotation. Best suited for progressive action rods but useful with every kind of setups. Toy of choice: 8'6 - 11' # 4 - 6 Certified "Moniteur de Pêche Sportive Mouche et Lancer" on 23 Nov. 2011 - Ahun / F

Certified Italian Fly Casting Style Instructor - SIM – Italy, Switzerland

When you want to effectively fish the dry-fly on fast moving waters, the the Italian Casting Style is THE answer. No lob casts with heavy nymphs, but a short and stiff rod, veery looong leaders and your favorite hi-viz fly. Learn how to control your setup and become the new kid on the alpine stream. More infos on the SIM websites Toy of choice: 7'6 - 8'6 # 2 - 4 Certified "Istruttore di 1°livello SIM" on 28 Jun. 2014 - Castel di Sangro / I

FFF Certified Fly Casting Instructor (single hand) – Munich

The classic style, the classic way. FFF is the older institution around, and therefore those people have a great experience in teaching fly casting and expanding the fly fishing way of life worldwide. FFF instructors have set up the basis of all fly casting techniques. Suited for all type of setups. Certified "Fly Casting Instructor" on 19 April 2012 - Munich

EFFA Certified Fly Casting Instructor – Switzerland, Germany

The classic style with a european touch. With the input of some of the best european fly casters, the classic style has been pushed a level higher with the use of water casts and single hand spey techniques. A must have for our european rivers. Suited for types of setups. Certified "Fly casting Instructor" on 29 October 2011 - Diepoldsau / CH

French Sport and Youth Ministry certified Guide – Ornans

Not a casting certification, but a complete 9 months guiding and teaching national program here in France. Graduate are certified in teaching all legal fishing techniques (pole, carp, lures, fly...), and being high class guides. Works best when paired with a FFPML Moniteur degree for fly fishing. Certified "BPjeps pêche de loisir" on 12 Jul. 2010 - Ornans / F

Want to learn some cool casts?

Fly casting courses – Anywhere on demand

From fly casting basics to advanced techniques, for beginners to advanced casters... Private or small group teaching. Program and duration of the course on your wishes. Single or double hand. All styles, more infos using the contact form below.

Demonstrations – Anywhere on demand

Need to warm the casting pool on you fly fair or open doors? Great themes in stock, more infos on demand. Demos are done on demand in French, English or German

Language skills

  • French

  • English

  • German

  • Italian

  • Spanish

Personal Skills

I'm a passionate flyfisher. I like to be outside and fish with a fly... I also like fishing challenges and it always comes a moment when your fishing technique is not sufficient to really be successful. That's part of why I've successfully passed all those certifications. Today I'm happy to share those learnings whith you if you're interested in catching them.

  • Great Communicator
  • Creative
  • Funny
  • Flexible
  • Responsible
  • Rigor
  • Professionnal

Fly casting skills

  • Linear casting style

  • Italian casting style

  • Single hand classic style

  • Double hand Long line technique

  • Double hand Scandi technique

  • Double hand Skagit casting

Fishing Skills

  • Dry fly fishing

  • Wet fly fishing

  • Streamer fishing

  • Sight fishing

  • Euro nymphing

  • Tenkara fishing


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